We have a basic aim of providing the services which satisfy the customers to the fullest. With this fundamental motto, we proudly offer our revision policy for our customers. However, it is a request from us that our customers and visitors must thoroughly go through our stated revision policy was given on this page. Hereby we notify all our customers that the policies stated in this page are subject to occasional changes. These changes will go live as soon as the revised policy is formulated:

  • We assume, to our policies our customers agree, whenever our customers engage for the acquisition of our services
  • At the time of placement of the orders, customers are requested to place all their actual and perceived requirements and guidelines. Once the order is delivered with the initially issued guidelines, our organization will not be held responsible related to any sort of discrepancies, in case you failed to provide the instructions at the placement time of order
  • We offer the feature of unlimited changes, in case our organization fails to get in line with the instructions and guidelines
  • Those work which was not part initially with the original instructions and specifications, no extra work will be done related to that work during the session of revision
  • Money for additional work will solely depend upon urgency, nature and paper length or word count.
  • Revision regarding the order of 250-2500 word counts can be done by us is a customer request for it within the order time of 15 days starting from the delivery time of order
  • All the requests of revisions will be billed separately after the 30 days from the date order is delivered
  • For holidays and Sundays, no revision will get delivered
  • Order revision with a 48 hours deadline delivered to our customer under 24 hours, from the request time revision is done
  • There are 3 revision days, for the orders with the word count range of 5000 to 9750
  • There are 5 revision days, for the orders with the word count range of above 10,000