We are a registered organization, providing students essay, assignments, essay, and different sorts of writing services. We are encapsulated by legal bindings as well, providing legal services to our students studying far and wide of the United Kingdom. The privacy policy of our organization is designed in such a way that it has a vast range to give facilitation services and information to our customers and we make sure that our valuable information is totally protected by each and every means. So, we on the behalf of our organization request all the customers and visitors to carefully go through our described privacy policies in priority to engage with us in any sort of working contract.


In a few occasions, we will ask our customers to display their assigned credentials, for example, password and user name, whenever they visit our website to obtain any service or product.


Our organization informs you about the IP address. We ask our customers that these are under track whenever our customers visit our website to buy any service or product. However, this information is only there to provide the customers the customized and personalized service and product in line with their location.


We organization are bound to remain obliged with Act for Date Protection and Companies Act only to make ensure that any personalized information related to customers just to share with us and that trust must be safeguarded and protected by every means. Our organization won’t share information of customers with any sort of the third party.


We have got reach to all the information of customers which is sharable on request by our customers. But if our customers wish to review the details conserved by our organization, the customers can email us by writing “Legal Department” in the email’s subject line. Prior to information sharing, a question (secret) will only be asked just to make sure that the information which is shared is delivered right in their hands.